Other LP Websites

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LP.org - Nationally or 1-800-ELECT-US


LPVirginia.org - Virginia Libertarian Party


LPPWC.org - Prince William County - this website


Meetup.com/Prince-William-Libertarians  - RSVP for Prince William County Events


LPNOVA.org - Fairfax & Arlington Counties, Alexandria, Falls Church &  Fairfax Cities


Meetup.com/LPNOVA - RSVP here for LPNOVA Events


LPLoudoun.org - Loudoun County LP website


Meetup.com/LoudounLibertarians - RSVP for Loudoun Events

Additional Issue Resources

This listing is not an endorsement of everything on these websites.


1.1.  Thomas Jefferson Institute - Mostly from a “Republican” viewpoint, but an emphasis on Virginia.  President of Institute = Michael Thompson, lives in Springfield, VA.


1.2.  Commonwealth Foundation - Emphasis on Pennsylvania, but a “free market” often Republican viewpoint – still quite helpful for ideas and knowledge.


1.3.  Virginia Citizens Defense League - Virginia Citizens Defense League – Better than the NRA.  Website has ratings on Incumbents voting records, so you can check on your opponent.  President = Phillip Van Cleave.  HQ in Newington, VA.  You can join for $25 a year.


1.4.  Virginia - National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws – They have a local NOVA affiliate.  You can join for $25 a year – and get a Leaf pin to wear if you want to.


1.5.  Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance – Great for local tax, and spend issues.


1.6. Mercatus Center at GMU – Has a section on State & Local Policy.  Fairly libertarian viewpoint.


1.7.  CATO Institute – Excellent, very libertarian viewpoint.


1.8. Center for Education Reform – good on charter schools, vouchers, tax credits & school choice generally.  Very libertarian point of view.


1.9.  Bacon's Rebellion – Primary focus on Virginia.  Jim Bacon probably knows as much about public policy in VA as anyone – he’s been at it for years.


1.10  FairVote.org – Electoral Reform particularly Instant Runoff (aka Ranked Choice Voting).  Caution: they also support the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.”


1.11 Libertarian Party – Candidates issues, pledges – federal, state & local.


1.12  Galen.org – Think tank specializing in Health Care with a free market approach.