Established in 2014, the Libertarian Party of Prince William County (LPPWC) is a local affiliate to the Libertarian Party of Virginia and the National Libertarian Party.


Promoting the Libertarian Party

We attend local and regional events as a vendor, which allows us to engage the public against a festive backdrop. Events we participate in include:

    •    Community festivals & county fairs

    •    Local farmers markets

    •    Rallies centered on individual and civil liberties


Developing Libertarian Solutions

The LPPWC lobbies local and state leadership on solutions that are fiscally sound and socially tolerant. We engage by

    •    Participating in local and state hearings

    •    Establishing legislative agendas

    •    Consulting pertinent political action committees on proposals


Supporting Libertarian Candidates

An important function as an affiliate is to support local, state, and federal candidates in our community. We do this by

    •    Collecting signatures to get our candidates on the ballot

    •    Canvasing neighborhoods and events to raise awareness about our campaigns

    •    Donating to, or volunteering for, campaigns