People Want A 3rd Party - Chart

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Electoral Reform

The last NYT/CBS poll before the 2016 Presidential election found a stunning 82% of the peopleDISGUSTED” with the campaign.  In an Associated Press poll in April, 2016, 78% were “Dissatisfied/Angry” with “The way the federal government is working.”  And 62% felt the same way about their state and local governments.  A November 2015 Pew Research survey found only 24% trusted government “always or most of the time.”  The lowest since 1958 when the number was 73%.


In 2015, 71% of Virginia Delegates ran unopposed.  And 100% of incumbents were reelected.  Did they really do that good a job?


Clearly, something is wrong.  Can this situation be improved?  Here are four Reforms for improvement.