Info on Becoming a Candidate

1.0  You’ll need to form a Campaign Committee.  You may be the sole person on the Committee -  being both Candidate & Treasurer.  Though it’s best to have someone else be Treasurer so you can focus on your campaign.


2.0  Open a “Campaign Depository” (Checking Account) at a bank.


3.0  Buy a URL (name) for your campaign website - listed on your “Certificate of Candidate Qualification” form.


4.0  For Local & VA State offices, you’ll need to file several forms with the VA Board of Elections:


     4.1  “Certificate of Candidate Qualification” form - can be filed in the year before the election you’re running in.


     4.2  Quarterly & Final Finance Reporting Forms - first one MUST be filed within 10 days of your first campaign donation or expenditure.


     4.3  Signed “Petitions of Qualified Voters” for Ballot Access.  Number of signatures varies by office - for example, 125 for state Delegate, 10,000 for Governor.  You CAN’T start collecting signature until Jan 1st of the year of the election.


     4.4  “Declaration of Candidacy” - must be notarized and filed along with above Petitions each of which must also be notarized.


     4.5  “Statement of Economic Interest” - filed electronically with “VA Conflict of Interest & Ethics Advisory Council” at beginning of your campaign.


     4.6  To run as a Libertarian, you must be nominated by a local Congressional District Nominating Convention, and the LP state Chair must file & certify a “Certificate of Candidate Nominated by Political Party.”


5.0  None of this is as difficult as it may sound.  Don’t let it deter you - fielding candidates is important to the party.


6.0  Board of Election forms, and contact info for questions is HERE:  




7.0  Additional useful documents can be downloaded below.

Opinions in the following downloadable documents are those of the authors and not LPPWC:


Tips For Petitioning:


Issue Resources - websites on a wide variety of subjects:



Rules for Candidates - tongue in cheek, but lots of useful data:


Checklist of Things To Do:


Petition Tips Part 1 from LPVA:


Petitioning Tips Part 2 from LPVA:


Organizing a Petition Drive from National LP:


Media List for Press Releases: